Most traffic exchange downline builders promote a large number of traffic exchange sites, and try to convince the user to join the downline builder to gather referrals in all of the traffic exchange sites that it promotes. The idea is great and it does sometimes work with effort, time, resources, and luck. However, there are weak links.

These downline builders encourage their users to surf those quality traffic sites regularly and promote the downline builder with the credits earned from surfing. Then, when anyone joins that downline builder under the user, the user builds a downline as the new user joins the traffic exchange programs. The problems are threefold:

  • There are simply not enough credits earned from surfing the programs to adequately promote the downline builder.
  • Many surfers know that the joining rates for these downline builders are slow BECAUSE
  • Surfers are competing with one another to get the downline builder referrals.

    The end result ... the original members of the downline builders do very well because everyone joins under them, but the others who join the downline builder later become frustrated because they are wasting their precious time and credits on promoting a downline builder that simply is not producing the results that they were promised. Does this sound familiar?

    So what is the internet's answer to this problem? Phase out the old and bring in the new. Announce "pre-launches" and promise the world to those who join early. This becomes a vicious cycle after awhile. I think that trying to solve a problem by creating new problems is not the right answer.

    But enough of my rambling. If you are not interested by now, you never will be. If you are interested, then I don't need to waste any more of your time convincing you that we need a new answer - one that isn't just another page of the same boring book.

    The 4 STEPS system uses less effective traffic building programs to promote more effective programs. Many of the less effective programs (called autosurfs) offer many free credits to join them - "free lunches" if you will. The most effective programs (called manual surfs) offer very few (if any) joining credits - they don't have to. Their programs are the best and they do not need these joining bonuses to promote membership growth.

    Autosurfs are less effective because of the "human eye" problem. Members of autosurf programs often run the autosurf programs without viewing the content. Page after page gets displayed on the members' computers, but nobody sees them. Manual surfs are different. They are more effective because they require a specific interaction with the surfing member to proceed to the next page, and they have anti-cheating applications. They are the best systems available right now, and members' pages do get seen by human eyes.

    The 4 STEPS Program is summarized below. Read each step and envision how the success of this plan is not dependent on anyone but you to work.

    STEP 1
    You will pick out your programs that you ultimately want to promote. These will be your "chosen programs" because they are the ones that you are most interested in. Step 1 can include individual manual exchanges, downline builders, or affiliate programs. It will take some special consideration to pick your programs. Understand that you will be showing these programs in highly effectively manual traffic exchanges, textlink exchanges, and banner exchanges to tens of thousands of "human eyes" in an effort to get people to join them. Step 1 is the ONLY step that is dependent on others joining under you, so pick wisely.

    STEP 2
    You will join 4 manual traffic exchanges, 2 banner exchanges, and a text link exchange. All of these "workhorse" programs have some very special characteristics in common. Firstly, they have lots of members and are rapidly growing. Secondly, they give credits (and sometimes cash) for referral page views. You earn credits and/or cash just for showing their referral pages. Thirdly, the 4 traffic exchanges all have superior anti-cheating systems that ensure that their members' pages get viewed by human eyes. You will enter the URLs of the programs that you picked in Step 1 above.

    STEP 3
    After joining the 7 "workhorse" programs, you will create your own "Advertpage" which will promote all seven programs on a single page. Every time you show this "advertpage" on an autosurf, you will receive credits on 1 of the 4 manual surfs, both banner exchanges, and the text exchange. Notice that this step produces concrete results, and nobody is required to join anything under you for you to succeed in this step. CLICK HERE for an example of what your advertpage will look like.

    STEP 4
    You will join several autosurf programs (25+). These programs all have 1000+ free joining credits, growing memberships, a surfing time of at least 10 seconds (to ensure that the Advertpage fully loads), minimal activation surfing requirements, and have accepted the Advertpage as a rotating site. You will enter the URL of your "Advertpage" on each autosurf program. As the autosurf programs display your "Advertpage" you will accumulate credits in those seven programs that you joined above. Those accumulated credits will then be used promote the elite programs that you selected in Step 1. By the way, other secondary benefits to showing your Advertpage are building downlines in the 7 "workhorse" programs and building your 4 STEPS downline.

    Do you see the potential here? You are using the "free lunches" of the autosurf programs (joining credits) to show your "Advertpage" well over 100,000 times. Showing the "Advertpage" will earn massive amounts of credits in the 7 "workhorse" programs. Then you will use the credits earned in the "workhorse" programs to provide quality page views of your "chosen programs" that you selected in Step 1. You will not be competing with anyone else in earning credits.

    It's taken a lot of work to hand-select the best programs and to test this system. Now, you can reap the benefits of my efforts. You get a free month of pro memberhship to get you started, and it only costs $10 per year thereafter. Going through each step will take some effort, but you will be richly rewarded. Detailed step-by-step instructions and links will be provided to make the process as simple as possible. I will also be personally available to help you as needed.

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